Nordic Negroni

  • 2 cl LINIE Aquavit

  • 2 cl sweet vermouth

  • 2 cl Campari

  • 2 drops of orange bitter

Linie Ginger

"Taste how LINIE's smoothness and notes of caraway and star anise turn into quite a crispy duet with ginger beer.

  • One long glass with plenty of ice

  • 4 cl LINIE Aquavit

  • Fill up with ginger beer

  • Fresh peels of ginger root or slices of lemon"

Jura Sunset

Jura 10yo, San Pellegrino blood orange, lemon

  • 5cl Jura 10yo

  • 5ml Lemon juice

Toppa med San Pellegrino blood orange eller färsk Blodapelsinjuice.